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The largest selection of Fire Sprinkler Escutcheons on the Planet!

Since 1981, ARGCO has been supplying the industrial trades with Fire Protection Specialties, Fire Equipment, Valves, Thread Sealants, Pipe Hangers and Fasteners and Piping Tools. The niche of hard to find escutcheons and wall plates is what made ARGCO successful. The large selection includes materials ranging from Steel, Plastic, Aluminum, Stainless Steel & Brass. From small recessed escutcheons to chrome plated cast brass exterior wall plates, ARGCO can cover any hole! Six different finishes available: Chrome plated, white, off-white, brass, antique brass and black. Two Piece Pendent Fire Sprinkler Escutcheons , Recessed Escutcheons, One Piece Escutcheons, Extended Escutcheons, Corrosion Resistant Escutcheons, Replacement Escutcheons.

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